Our goal is to provide answers to your drivers training questions. If you don’t find the answer below, Please contact us.

1. How much does Segment 1 cost?
$355.00 (check for specials)

2. How long is Segment 1?
Segment 1 takes roughly 4 weeks.  Classes are 3 weeks long.  The  4th week  we finish drives.  (In very busy months we have up to 6 weeks to finish everything.)

3. How old do you have to be to enroll in Segment 1?
14 years 8 months.

4. Are you flexible with schedules?
As much as possible. We understand sports, band, choir and other school activities can be demanding. If you miss a class you have to make it up the next month.

5. Do you do Road Tests?
Not at this time. We have a list of Road Testers in the Muskegon Area. The road testers are MAISD – Whitehall is 744-5414, Muskegon is 894-9904 or 767-7234.

6. When Can I take my road test?
180 days after you receive your Level One license from the Secretary of State’s office.

7. How do I get my Level One license?
You go to the Secretary of State Office with your parent, Segment 1 certificate (green) Social Security Card and your Birth Certificate. You also need to bring a report card and another proof of residency like a parents check stub, parents license, parents utility bill.

8. How much is Segment 2?

9. When can I take Segment 2?
It has to be at least 90 days from the date on the top of your Level 1 License. You also have to have 30 hours logged with 2 hours being at night.

10. How long is Segment 2?
Segment 2 is (3 ) two hour classes.

11. What do I need to bring to Segment 2?
You need to bring your Level One license and your log book with at least 30 hours of driving with 2 hours being at night.

12. If I am 16 already can I get my Drivers license once I finish Segment 1?
No, you still have to wait 180 days from the date you get your Level One license.

13. Will I receive a confirmation in the mail for segment 1 or 2?
You will NOT receive a confirmation in the mail. Once you have sent in your check and contract you are considered in the class unless otherwise notified.