Our goal is to provide answers to your drivers training questions. If you don’t find the answer below, Please contact us.

1. Do you have to attend the school that the classes are offered at?
No, you can take classes at any location that best suits your needs and is the most convenient for you.

2. How much does Segment 1 cost?

3. How long is Segment 1?
Segment 1 usually takes roughly 4 weeks.  Classes are 3 weeks long.  The 4th week we finish drives.  (In very busy months we have up to 6 weeks to finish everything.) Drives can begin after the second class session.

4. How old do you have to be to enroll in Segment 1?
14 years 8 months by the first day of class.

5. Are you flexible with schedules?
As much as possible. We understand sports, band, choir and other school activities can be demanding. If you miss a class you will have to make it up the next session.

6. When Can I take my road test?
6 months after you receive your Level One license from the Secretary of State’s office. Check the issue date on your license to verify (ISS date).

7. How do I get my Level One license?
You go to the Secretary of State Office with your parent/guardian, Segment 1 certificate, Social Security Card and your Birth Certificate. You also need to bring a report card and another proof of residency like a parent/guardian’s check stub, parent/guardian’s license, parent/guardian’s utility bill.

8. How much is Segment 2?

9. When can I take Segment 2?
It has to be at least 3 months from the issue date on your Level 1 License. You also have to have 30 hours logged, 2 of those hours being at night.

10. How long is Segment 2?
Segment 2 is (3 ) two hour classes.

11. What do I need to bring to Segment 2?
You need to bring a copy of your Level One license and your log book with at least 30 hours of driving with 2 hours being at night.

12. If I am 16 already can I get my Drivers license once I finish Segment 1?
No, you still have to wait 6 months from the date you get your Level One license.

13. Will I receive a confirmation when I sign up for segment 1 or 2?
Yes, I will text or call you confirming that I have received your electronic sign-up. If the class is full, I will let you know options that I have to get your student enrolled and on their way to obtain their license!

14. Can I register for a private segment 1 or 2 class?
Yes, private classes are available. We can schedule a 1-on-1 opportunity with prices beginning at $1,350 for segment 1 and $360 for segment 2 (at our Glenside location).

15. How much are individual driving lessons?
Individually driving lessons are $65 per hour.